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SDSC Sports Week

Singapore Disability Sports Council will be spending Singapore para athletes to compete in the International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments (INAS) Global Games.

Support our para athletes by coming down to try out adapted sports for disabled. Who knows? If you end up being very good at the sports, you can also become a future para athletes as well!


Bowling is a sports that is played by many para-athletes. It involves the player being blindfolded and attempting to knock down all the pins without any visual sight. A guide is assigned to the player and will tell the players which pins have been knocked down from the attempt.



Athletics have been recognized as a Paralympic game since 1960. It involves a guide runner helping the para-athletes to access their surrounding and provide visual information.

An adapted game play will be available at the event. Player will have to complete a mini obstacle course and collect bean bags along the obstacle course.


Tandem Cycling

Cycling is one of the most varied sports in Paralympics​, with 4 different class for competition: impairment to four limbs, use of upper half of the body only, cerebral palsy and visual impairment. A sighted individual known as a pilot will help to direct the bike while the player who sits at the back will provide the propulsion force required to move the bike.


An adapted game play will be available at the event. Players will be able to experience tandem cycling that is installed in a stationary position


Goal Ball

Goal Ball is a team sports designed specifically for blind athletes, originally as a means of assisting the rehabilitation of the visually impaired  World War II Veterans. Participants compete in teams of three and they try to throw the ball into the opponent's goal, while the opponents attempts to stop by listing to the sound made by the balls. Teams alternate attempting to score and defend within a time span

An adapted game play will be available at the event. Players will be blinded folded and they need to either roll the ball into the net 3 times or defend the ball from entering the net for 3 times out of the 5 total tries.

Goal Ball.png


Showdown is a sports for the visually impaired which combines the element of air hokey and table tennis. Player play on rectangle table with pocket on both sides of the table The objective is to defend one's goal while trying to bat the ball into the opponent's goal.

An adapted game play will be available at the event. Players will be blindfolded. The player will need to push the adapted disk into the opponent's goal using their sense of hearing to identify where the disk is at.

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