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The main objective of Kindness Week 2017 is to embrace the differences among us. We hope to raise awareness for the special needs groups.  The events will happen over two weekends from 20th May 2017 to 28th May 2017.

20 MAY 0900-1300
A Sports Day will be held at Singapore Sports School to allow members of the public to experience different paralympic sports. This will help them understand the challenges that people with physical and sensory disabilities go through. Through this event, it is hoped that greater awareness can be generated regarding the various special needs groups.
21 MAY  0900-1400
The initiative aims to create awareness for an inclusive society by garnering support from members of the public as they learn the sign language to show their support for the deaf community. Residents and youths will be invited to participate in the one-day workshop where they would learn how to show inspirational and encouraging messages in sign language.
27 MAY 1000-1300
We will be collaborating with APSN Social Enterprise for a baking session with the special needs children and our residents. The Mysterious Cookies baked will be sold at the Kindness Flea Market.
28 MAY 1100-1700
The flea market aims to raise awareness of the special needs community in Singapore. Through the flea market, we hope to change mindsets of the public that the special needs community is able to contribute meaningfully to the society.
20 MAY - 28 MAY
Participants who take part in the sign language course will produce short tutorial videos with the aim of educating the public some phrases in sign language. The week-long campaign will see the tutorial videos being shared on social media which in turn will generate interest in others to create more inspirational content in support of the deaf community.
20 MAY - 28 MAY
The initiative aims to raise the awareness of visual impairment and ways to prevent it; one of which is to have a clearer vision with the aid of eyewear. The week-long initiative will reach out to Joo Chiat residents where they can donate their old spectacles which can benefit the less fortunate.
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